From oil changes to coolant flush to everything in between, you can count on Auto Lube Express.
Our certified techs are here to keep your vehicle running smoothly with preventive maintenance and repairs.


Prevent sludge from building and keep your engine running on high performance, come get an oil change for your vehicle. Full Synthetic and Conventional Oil Changes.

Inspection Station

By state and law your vehicle is  required to pass a vehicle inspection for emissions and safety inspection. Let Auto Lube Express make it easier by helping with your vehicle inspection.

coolant flush

Flushing your coolant system will help remove dirt build and rust. Replacing your vehicle’s coolant is the best way to prevent future cooling system problems.

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a/c check

Is your A/C blowing hot air or not working at all, our technicians can run a diagnosis to see what the problem is.(For Doniphan Location Only)

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battery check

Have peace of mind before going on that family road trip, get your vehicle battery checked today. We can run a diagnosis to test and check your battery life to make sure it will perform at best

fuel system repair

When your car starts getting lower gas mileage or the engine begins to hesitate when you press the gas pedal or rough idle, it might be time to clean your fuel injectors.